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We May Not Realize Just How Important Issue 1B and 1C Really Are.

Location: Boulder County, CO, USA
Joe Gierlach and campaign mascot, Owlie in Boulder County
We are already seeing more extreme and unpredictable weather events associated with climate change.

This summer we saw record-breaking temperatures across the Front Range, accompanied by very little rain, which is an unfortunate formula for frequent and intense wildfires. Warming temperatures combined with increased development in the WUI, historic fire suppression, and careless recreators create more risks for firefighters on the ground.

Here is a link to a 12 minute film that my friend is involved with, called, "Unacceptable Risk, Firefighters on the Front Lines of Climate Change."

I want to again thank our firefighters and emergency responders who have worked to protect our homes and keep our communities safe this past summer, but how quickly we all return to our busy lives not realizing that sustainability planning and programming still needs to continue without us thinking about it.

Perhaps it has to do with the way our human brains work, as described in this 7 minute Grist video featuring Joe Hanson of It’s Okay to Be Smart called, "Watch This Guy Explain the Science Behind Climate Deniers."

It is clear that we will leave future generations worse off unless we do more to conserve our natural resources, reduce waste and shift to clean energy.

So, I am grateful that I live in Boulder County, where we have been creating an array of services to help encourage recycling and composting, energy efficiency, solar power, efficient use of water, and local food production. All in between these climate related events that occasionally remind us that we need to focus on sustainability programs. Here is a link to the Boulder County programs.

These programs have been a great start, but they need to be continued, and fortunately, we have a vehicle for continuing these programs, without new taxes! How convenient is that?

That is why I support voting for Issue 1B and 1C.

I wrote a Letter to the Editor in the Daily Camera linked here: Joe Gierlach: Yes on 1B and 1C

I have included the text here for those, who do not subscribe:

I'm voting 'Yes' for issue 1B and 1C to enhance quality of life, and address climate change. 
1B: Open Space defines a big part why we live here. 
With no new taxes, 1B maintains existing open space lands, and paraphrasing our Director of Open Space, “… It could also complete additional environmental restoration projects, build new trails on open space, and purchase easements for and construct trail connections that lead to greater public access to open space.” 
This program links communities in the county with recreational opportunities in the mountains. Much of it around Nederland, and our community up here, takes our role as stewards of the environment very seriously. 
1C: The very real economic and environmental impacts of climate change are already here, and I'm an example. 
I am the first term-limited mayor for Nederland in the past thirty years. In those three decades, no other mayor had to evacuate our town. During my tenure, part of our community was evacuated three times. Twice for fire, and once for the 2013 flood. Worse yet, our new mayor, (who just started in April) has already evacuated part of the town for the most recent fire. 
With no new taxes, 1C Proposes an ideal blend of successful county-wide programming, such as ClimateSmart, along with locally directed efforts in each of the ten municipalities in the County. 
For Nederland, we used county sustainability grants to hire a consultant to develop our Sustainability Action Plan, purchase recycling containers in town, build an electric car charging station at Town Hall, and provided water conservation audits for local businesses. 
Climate-related risks do not respect governmental boundaries, and coordinated actions among local governments will be essential to improve the resilience of Colorado’s communities. 
Vote 'Yes' to enhance quality of life, and address climate change.

Owlie and the Nederland Sustainability Advisory Board:

Diana Maggiore, Camille Thorson,
Melody Baumhover, and Jody Andrews
So, please allow your county, and your municipality, to continue working on sustainability programs even when it is not on the top of our minds.

Nederland's Sustainability Advisory Board recommended approval, and forwarded two resolutions to the Nederland Board of Trustees, and on October 18, 2016, the Town of Nederland passed Resolution 2016-25 and Resolution 2016-26 supporting 1B and 1C, along with the Cities of Boulder, Longmont, and Lafayette.

Here is more information on 1B and 1C, and a host of people and organizations who have endorsed passing 1B and 1C.

[Here is a Video Valediction] This is Fields of Amber in an acoustic cover of Garbage's, Only Happy When it Rains. [What is a Video Valediction?]
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